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When the online version of the Wheel of Fortune Slot hit the online gambling scene, it was always going to be compared to its’ offline counterparts just because of how big they are. With a $1,000,000 payout in the news just from last month in Nevada, when we went to check the online slot out – we were expecting a little bit more ‘bells and whistles’ but found ourselves a little bit confused. The slot is simple and is more like a side-game than a ‘feature slot’ – but it does have a couple of very interesting parts that make it well worth a try.

There are the usual Wild symbols, bonus round triggers and flashing animation that is now common in the online industry, but what stood out the most what the fact that the Jackpot amounts that you can win are increased every time you see a ‘Bonus Jackpot’ icon on the reels. There are actually 3 Jackpots for you to win – the mini (yellow) – accruing in max increments of $25, the middle (orange) – increasing in max multiples of $50, and finally the major (red) – which can increase as much as $100 a pop when you are playing Max Bet on the reels.


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Bonus Round

Should the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine deliver 3 bonus symbols on any of the 5 pay-lines, you get transported to the main bonus round – the wheel, where you get to spin to win anything from 15x – 45x your line bet (maximum of $450) or one of the Jackpots.

After your first spin, you get to choose to collect or to spin again, giving you the chance to increase your win or have another go at trying to get the Jackpot amounts. Even if you lose – you get given a consolation prize so its’ well worth an extra shot.

Finally, when you have collected or lost, you get to double or collect your prize on their Double or Bankrupt board. We actually did quite well at this but would recommend you don’t try and double your money more than twice as it seems to have a penchant for ending streaks.

In summation, if you want to play Wheel of Fortune Slot, don’t get disheartened by the first impression or ideas based on the offline version, as they are remarkably different. Instead look to the ever-increasing bonus amounts, the funky reels and of course the legendary wheel itself which you can play when you trigger the main bonus round.

We have selected a couple of our favourite and best places where you can play the Wheel of Fortune Slot so feel free to scroll up and take a look. Remember that most of these sites have some great sign-up bonuses and you aren’t limited to just one if you feel extra lucky – so be sure to come back for more great ‘Wheel-fun’.

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